wine bars pubs

Local wine bars and pubs, best places to get an aperitivo

Antica Cantina Sepe  Rione Sanita

via vergini, 55 Napoli

+39 081 45 46 09

all-time fave. Poetry nights thurs 7pm-10pm

Get a glass of wine and sit outside with your hot Fritto pizza -ask for Francesco 

Opera __Taste factory

via Francesco Solimena 131, Vomero

Great cocktails, cozy, casual.

+39 081 1925 4801       (7am- 3am) Three locations


Riot Concept Store

Via Michele Kerbaker, 19, 80127 Napoli NA, Italy

+39 081 1957 8491

cool clothes, coffee and cocktails

great evening spot       free wifi

TARALLERIA a crackery pretzel, great with beer

Via S. Biago Dei Librai, 3


More to come.