Step by step recipes. Read First. Make a shopping list. Check your supplies and equipment. Read recipe again before beginning. Measure Ingredients.

Be gentle mixing, don't overwork doughs.

Most importantly,have fun!


This crumbly and delicate cornmeal cookie becomes a favorite, dotted with zest of orange and fresh rosemary, topped with toasted pine nuts. 

Pine Nut Rosemary Bars


This is a moist gluten-free cake with a pop of fresh orange that can be served with labna or toasted and smeared with butter/ almond butter.

Orange Almond Cake


Traditionally served in Venice on New Year Day, a faintly sweet and fragrant bread with a light texture. Eat it toasted or naked, with dark roast coffee and fresh grapes.

Italian Amaretto Sweet Bread


A rich hazelnut and milk chocolate based gelato tempered with shards of dark chocolate 

Gianduia Gelato