the baby and the bathwater

Now I know why writers are known as drinkers.

A few friends checked in to see that I'm okay given the murky waters we've been passing through. I'm okay though will not deny there is pain in divulging, a fear of judgment, and the ever present, "must we go on?"

And in answer to this I give you author Susan Howatch on the creative process.

"But no matter how much the mess and distortion make you want to despair, you can’t abandon the work because you’re chained to the bloody thing, it’s absolutely woven into your soul and you know you can never rest until you’ve brought truth out of all the distortion and beauty out of all the mess – but it’s agony, agony, agony – while simultaneously being the most wonderful and rewarding experience in the world – and that’s the creative process which so few people understand."
I give it meaning. I reuse, reshape, recast, all that goes wrong, so that in the end nothing is wasted, and nothing is without significance, and nothing ceases to be precious to me." -Susan Howatch

I'm tired and have little to add today.

Until we meet again.

The Testing-Tree Stanley Kunitz