Observations and tidbits to make your trip to Napoli great

pooping ana.png

Do not leave your hotel without a small packet of tissue. While there are public toilets in museums, cafes, restaurants, likely there is no toilet paper, or soap. Also, in Italy it is your right to use a restroom without a purchase. Ask nicely.


 Say Hello when entering a business, "Buongiorno" or "Salve". Salve is the more formal version of Ciao, usually reserved for friends.

You may hear shop keepers say "Prego" when you enter, it's interchangeable, as in, "Welcome." Say "Arrivederci" if you wish, on the way out, also more formal, but the most polite form.


Use common sense, leave the BLING at home or the hotel safe. That goes for expensive watches as well. Why tempt the fates? I never had a problem but why create one.


When it rains the stone streets and walkways can be very slippery.

Wear attractive non-skid shoes, comfort doesn't have to be ugly. With myriad choice of designers, today's runners and tennis shoes are no longer only for sports. 


"Italians do not wear shorts." ( Lie.)

Summer in Naples is hot as Satan's balls on Sunday, wear whatever you want so long as you own it. Use your noggin, be comfortable AND stylish.


Un Caffe' is espresso, black and unsweetened, 'amaro", meaning bitter. Espresso and milk can result in a cappuccino, or a caffe' latte. If you ask for a "latte", you will get milk.  If you want "American-style" coffee, ask for an Americano;

drip coffee does not exist.

Summer offers other frozen coffee options. Have fun.

Coffee is normally drank standing up at the bar.

If you sit, you may be charged for the service.


Don't be tempted to steal an umbrella from a pharmacy lobby, as I was. People leave their umbrellas at the door in a vessel supplied for that. My umbrella was a broken reject. Karma bites.

During the fall and winter months you will need a good umbrella.