Dozen Salted Rosemary 9e (Flour, butter, sugar, rosemary, salt)

Dozen Gingery Chewy Brownie Cookies 10e (flour, cocoa, butter, sugar, chocolate, ginger, salt)

Dozen Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies 8e (flour, butter, sugar, chocolate, salt, vanilla)

Dozen Russian Tea Cakes w/Hazelnuts 12e  (Flour, butter, sugar, nuts, vanilla, salt)


Dozen Russian Tea Cakes NO nuts 9e


Dozen Pinenut Rosemary Bars 15e (Flour, butter, sugar, rosemary, orange, pinenuts, salt)


Pinenut Rosemary Round 30e (see photo--serves 15-20)


Gluten-free Orange Almond Cake 20e (serves 8-12) (Oranges, almonds, eggs, sugar)


Dozen Scones 20e (Blueberry or mixed berry available-- flour, butter, sugar, lemon, milk, fruit)


Italian Amaretto Sweet Bread 22e (serves 15-20) Flour, butter, sugar, yeast, lemon, orange, amaretto, egg whites, almond paste, almonds


Apple Galette 22e (serves up to 12-15) (Flour, butter, apples, sugar, salt)

All recipes made with fresh ingredients


Please allow 24-48 hours for cookies But please ask if you have a rush order.

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