Dozen Salted Rosemary 9e/10$ (Flour, butter, sugar, rosemary, salt)

Dozen Gingery Chewy Brownie Cookies 10e/12$ (flour, cocoa, butter, sugar, chocolate, ginger, salt)

Minimum 2 Dozen

Dozen Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies 8e/10$ (flour, butter, sugar, chocolate, salt, vanilla)

Minimum 2 Dozen


Dozen Russian Tea Cakes w/Hazelnuts 12e/14$ (Flour, butter, sugar, nuts, vanilla, salt)

Minimum 2 Dozen

Dozen Russian Tea Cakes NO nuts 9e/10$


Dozen Pinenut Rosemary Bars 15e/18$ (Flour, butter, sugar, rosemary, orange, pinenuts, salt)

Minimum 2 Dozen


Pinenut Rosemary Round 30e (see photo--serves 15-20)


Gluten-free Orange Almond Cake 25e/30$ (serves 8-12) (Oranges, almonds, eggs, sugar)


Dozen Scones 24e/28$ (Blueberry or mixed berry available-- flour, butter, sugar, lemon, milk, fruit)

Minimum 2 Dozen


Italian Amaretto Sweet Bread 22e/29$ (serves 15-20) Flour, butter, sugar, yeast, lemon, orange, amaretto, egg whites, almond paste, almonds


Apple Galette 22e/30$ (serves up to 12-15) (Flour, butter, apples, sugar, salt)

All recipes made with fresh ingredients


Please allow 48 hours for cookies, pastry orders, please ask if you have a rush order.

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